My Transformation Journey


Let’s talk about a transformation.  2013 I was my heaviest. 5’4 frame with 249 pounds on it!! I felt like terrible everyday from all the pressure applied to my back and knee area from the excessive weight gain. I was depressed but I knew I  had to make a change. So in April 2013 I began my weight loss and waist training journey. 

No bread. No sugar. No pasta. No soda. 

I did the blackgirlsworkouttoo dvd which jump started my weight loss. I started waist training in 2014 because I wanted to gain a hourglass figure. The only curve I had was my belly that looked 9 months pregnant! I started in a 2XL and slowly but surely the weight was coming off and my curves started coming in. It was a hard process I was determined to reach my fitness goals. 

I developed a Hypothyroid issue which caused me to put back on some of the weight I lost. But I vow to myself I will never go back. 

By 2015 I’d lost 75 pounds! My waist went from a 42 to a 32! 

I had a lot of loose skin from loosing so much weight in my stomach. I don’t mind telling my story. Yes. I did get a TUMMY TUCK once I lost all my weight first. 

But nonetheless waist training saved my life. It gave me curves I always dreamed of!  

I want to help you with your fitness and body goals too. 

The image above is before my tummy tuck surgery!! All hard work and waist training!