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Master Digital Vault w/ 100% Resell Rights

Master Digital Vault w/ 100% Resell Rights

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Welcome To The ONLY DIGITAL BUNDLE YOU WILL NEED That Is Going To Change Your Digital Marketing Game!!!!

Here is what is included

Simply Passive -Ultimate Faceless and Content Marketing ($399) to help you grow your business from scratch! Over 40 training videos that are step by step to walk you through the full process! No experience needed. This is beginner friendly!  

130 Faceless Videos ($69.99)for Immediate use to grow your social media

7500 Done For You Pages ($149.00)of digital products you can sell easily

Beauty Vendors List ($97.00)that include hair, makeup, lashes, clothing and more!

IG Reels Growth Blueprint ($39.99) guide that helped me grow my IG from 26K to 159K in 1 year!

400 Hooks and Captions ($39.99) to help with content ideas for your social media accounts! 

Each of these individually cost over  💲 753.99

This one low price of 💲597 is amazing!!!


In the SIMPLY PASSIVE  online course, you'll learn:

⁃ Effective strategies to start making Viral Faceless Content

⁃ How to earn your followers’ trust when Faceless Marketing

⁃ How to build and grow a faceless social media page from scratch

⁃ The most simplified way to find your niche & how to make money from it

⁃ How to find your target audience to gain more sales

⁃ How to choose a business name and branding yourself/business (includes FREE name generator tool)

⁃ How to find digital product templates in Canva

⁃ How to use ChatGPT to create your digital products

⁃ How to price your products to make profit

⁃ Trending hooks, hashtags and trending audio ideas to make your content go viral

⁃ How to use your story in your faceless content to win customers over

- How to grow you social media fast

- Connect with my top beauty vendors and make crazy money selling high quality products


How To Optimize Your Account To Make Sure You Attract The Right People


How To Use Reels Correctly To Market Your Business And Attract The Right Clients


How To Get Creative With Your Content


Pros & Cons Of Using Current Account And Starting A New One


3 Types Of Content To Post To Get More Engagement And More Sales


How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas


How To Create A Lead Magnet Aka Freebie


How To Use Your Stories To Sell Your Products


A Solid Strategy For Short And Long Term Growth


Encouragement And Tips




🌟 Why choose our PLR Canva Planners with Master Resell Rights? Here are some compelling reasons:🏷️ Master Resell Rights included💪 Skip the hassle of starting from scratch⏳ Save hours of design work🏆 High-quality templates🎨 100% Editable in Canva👌 Ready-made and ready to sell🤑 Minimal effort and cost required🙏 Instant Access

*Wanna make your money back + more? You can resell this course multiple times and keep 100% of the profit. It’s a "Done For You" Course that you can resell without doing any work because the course has already been created for your customers.



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